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Weekly Guidance Subscription - FREE!

Weekly Guidance Subscription - FREE!

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Embark on a transformative journey every Monday with this exclusive and uplifting weekly spiritual delivery. Unveil the secrets of the week ahead through personalized sun sign predictions, empowering tarot spreads, and a unique numerology focal point. Expect occasional mystical additions—meditations, astro insights, blessings, and more—crafted to elevate your cosmic experience. Elevate your destiny weekly with Psychic Steve's profound insights. Your extraordinary path awaits – seize the mystical advantage!

Your weekly message includes:

Your personal weekly horoscope.

A tarot spread with interpretations for the week.

A special numerology focal point for the week.

Periodically you will also receive other mystical matters such as meditations, enchantments, astrological information, and other intriguing tidbits.

Once you start your subscription, you will begin receiving mystical messages the following Monday.

NOTE: The email associated with your Shopify account is where your weekly guidance will be sent. Notify us after you place your order if you prefer to use a different email.

In Love & Stardust,
Psychic Steve🔮

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